Using Technology To Find Your Missing Pet

By admin, 2 September, 2012, No Comment

The ability to make compact sized receivers and transmitters has led several manufacturing companies in the technology field to create tracking devices for pets. Even the most trained pets are prone to wander outside their yards from time to time. To reduce the risk of having your pet lost or hurt, you can use one of the tracking devices to monitor your pets location. This type of device will usually come with a transmitter designed to ether fit the pets collar or built right into the collar. The transmitter will be able to send a signal within a specified distance.

Some of the pet tracking devices are designed to send their signals to a home base station. This is the receiver which is kept inside the home and which will alert the owner if the pet wanders outside of the preset distance. This type of tracking system is often referred to as a virtual fence because the owner can set the perimeters. The GPS systems usually come with a device similar to a cell phone GPS signal tracker, which the owner can use to track the pet from anywhere on the planet. The GPS pet tracking system uses satellite signal transmission.

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